Reliable PureAir Filter Systems

PureAir Filter System Florida HVAC Services can provide you with PureAir products. We’ve been a trusted member of the community for years. All of our technicians are licensed and insured, so you can count on us to install and maintain your air purification system. We keep a staff of fully stocked service trucks for fast turnaround times.

We are able to offer our clients:

  • Flat-rate pricing
  • Honesty and dependability
  • A 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Personalized service

Homes Need PureAir Systems

PureAir Systems has been in business since 1985. The company is one of the leaders in the home air filtration market, and their products have been continuously improved over the years. PureAir Systems has brought HEPA air filtration products to both commercial and residential consumers. They were one of the first companies to offer a fan-powered HEPA system for indoor cooling and heating systems. At Florida HVAC Services can provide PureAir Systems filtration solutions for your home. These units are a solution for your whole house, not just one room. The filtration systems trap pollutants that travel throughout your whole home, and that means cleaner air for everyone in your family. PureAir Filter Systems can eliminate up to 95% of pet dander, pollen, and dust. Germs and bacteria can also be removed by PureAir Filter Systems as well.

There are many other features of a PureAir filtration unit, including:

  • Excellent odor filtration
  • A decrease in air pollutants
  • Energy-smart technology
  • A reduction in ozone

Professional PureAir Filter Systems Installation

Florida HVAC Services can install PureAir Systems products in your home. We’re a licensed dealer and installer for PureAir Filter Systems. These filtration units can provide a healthy and clean environment for everyone in your household. If you’re interested in a PureAir product, call Florida HVAC Services today and schedule an appointment with a professional.